Jayla Side

Jayla Mid-twenties, poor, from rural Arkansas. Her central conflict stems from her situation: being hunted by the law for murder while living with a terminal disease that promises to kill her within a matter of months. Her main motive is to do right by her six-year old daughter Angela whom she firmly believes will grow Read more about Jayla Side[…]

Darcy Side

Darcy Fortyish, an herbalist-shaman who runs an off-grid apothecary in Nederland. She is the aunt of Jayla who has come to her for help. Darcy is independent, intelligent, and dedicated to healing. She will perform two shamanic journeys: a soul retrieval for Jayla, and a crossing-over ceremony for the soul of Angela’s father. She is Read more about Darcy Side[…]

Lamar Side

Lamar Middle-aged FBI agent, war veteran. Half-white and half-Lakota, Lamar grew up on the Pine Ridge reservation. He’s old enough to remember the Wounded Knee occupation of 1973 and the reign of terror by the GOONs that led up to it. He also remembers the 1975 killings of two FBI agents on the reservation. He’s Read more about Lamar Side[…]

Sister Side

Sister Young woman in her twenties, schizophrenic, often insists on being the tallest person in the room—so sits on a high stool in the bar and will scurry to a higher sitting place Briggs has built for her when she needs to get even higher. Out of the blue, she will describe historically accurate atrocities Read more about Sister Side[…]

Briggs Side

Briggs A burly bartender and biker who lost a brother in the Vietnam War. Prone to visions and nightmares, Briggs often visits Darcy, the local herbalist, for medicinal tinctures. Quiet and laconic by nature, he is no stranger to violence and knows how to subdue unruly drunks. At age fifty, he studies Buddhism and the Read more about Briggs Side[…]


ANGELA A young girl, somewhere between 6 and 12. Angela’s mother Jayla has already killed Angela’s father. Jayla herself will soon be frozen dead, leaving Angela alone with her great aunt Darcy. Angela doesn’t have a speaking part in the pilot, but she will develop as an important character in future episodes. DOWNLOAD SIDE HERE: Read more about Angela[…]