Independent TV Drama Set in a Quiet Mountain Town


Love, Life, and Immortality Through Cryonics.

Frozen DeadA beautiful young woman appears one wintry night in a Colorado mountain town with her three year-old daughter and a bag full of money, begging to be frozen dead. Terminally ill and running from a dark past, she arrives as the town is preparing to celebrate a dead Norwegian whose frozen body remains cryogenically preserved in the nearby mountains. Four town residents must decide her fate. When an undercover FBI agent shows up, convinced that the woman—the prime suspect in an Arkansas murder—is hiding somewhere in town, he finds more than he can bargain for among a cast of eccentric characters living on the margins of mainstream America. Read More.


Seeking actors to play these parts.


Young, handsome, scientist, nerd.
He is a handsome, somewhat absent-minded physicist in his twenties who maintains Grandpa’s frozen body. He knows the science behind cryonics. He fancies himself a chivalrous figure giving him a romantic sense of purpose. Read More.


Young, attractive mother of Angela.
In her early twenties and drop-dead gorgeous, She has only a few months to live. She is “white trash” poor from Arkansas where she is a suspect in the murder of her daughter’s abusive father. She’s come to Nederland to escape through cryogenics. Read More.


9 year old daughter of Jayla.
Young girl, 6 to 9 years old, embodies innocence and purity in contrast to the turbulent undercurrent of the town’s secret industry. It takes a village to raise a child. The village must keep a secret to fulfill its destiny. Read More.


Burly Badass Buddhist, Biker, Bartender
50-something burly bartender and biker who happens to be a Buddhist. He’s tough but also quiet and laconic, gentle and good-hearted. He takes care of Sister—a young paranoid schizophrenic.. Read more.


Young woman in her twenties, schizophrenic.
A schizophrenic in her twenties who usually insists on being the tallest person in the room. She’s been diagnosed as a mid-level delusional paranoid. Her own history remains a mystery. Briggs looks after her because she’s helpless otherwise. Read More.


Herbalist, Healer, Shaman
Shaman, herbalist and community healer, Darcy operates an apothecary in Nederland. Attractive. Single. Thirty something. Darcy embodies an alternative, more spiritual and shamanic view of death and cryonics. Read More.


Draft-Dodger/Drug Dealer
A draft dodger during the Vietnam War ,he became a major marijuana dealer before selling coke. He has the sixties rebellious spirit – categorically rejects authority. Is he heroic—someone who acts outside the law for principled reasons—or is he just sleazy? Read More.


FBI Agent
A middle-aged, somewhat jaded FBI agent. Goes undercover in Ned, trying to find the whereabouts of the mother. For all his hardboiled detective background, Lamar is intelligent enough to entertain different points of view regarding law enforcemen. Read More.

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